increased performance in marathons through decreased recovery time

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Gillan Recovery with Tony Mangan

No oil was used on these 2 runners' legs so we saved pollution of the rivers by not washing towels in detergent

we didn't do this!

In 2014 Tony Mangan finished his 50,000 kilometer run around the world!
Gillan Recovery was at the finish with him at the Dublin Marathon!

I was there because I had worked with Tony on the Australian leg of his world run from Melbourne through the middle of Australia to Darwin where he would continue the rest of his world run

We were joined in Ireland by another world runner in the last part of the Irish run by another world runner Jesper Olsen of Denmark and the 2 ran together until the Dublin Marathon


PDF file US$ 19.95

This is the manual of the system I used on both Tony and Jespers world runs

Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation-the 'running repairs' choice of World Runners!

Athlete's Legs Maintenance using Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

A workshop on Environmentally Friendly Wholistic light Manual Muscle Relaxation-the choice of around the world runners! US$ 38 includes the manual

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